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This Custom BMW R75/7 "Nerboruta" Brings New Meaning to the Phrase "Work of Art"

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Italian motorcycle maker South Garage located in Milan has released its custom version of the BMW R75/7, "Nerboruta". The classic BMW underwent a massive transformation culminating in a stunning vintage look.  South Garage started by stripping it down to its bare materials and then added superbly handcrafted custom made parts and accessories. The Italian term Nerboruta is used to describe something as muscular or brawny.

Featuring a handmade wooden seat and wood grain panels, leather strapped handlebar grips, a retro speedometer, and vintage tires, it’s the kind of custom bike that belongs in an art gallery than a showroom.  Molto Bello!

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A Custom BMW S 1000 RR That is Truly a Work of Art

"The goal was to create a fast and efficient bike, but also, inspired by all the things that touch us."-PRAËMBMW and PRAËM (a French company that makes custom motorcycles) have joined forces to create a beautiful custom BMW S 1000 RR that boasts both power and style.French brothers Sylvain and Florent Berneron who own and [...]

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The BMW R Nine T, Paris Style

“The idea with this build, was to create something classy but aggressive. A bike that runs great, with great lines and big attention to details.” -builder Willie Knoll Clutch Custom Motorcycles located in Paris, has built a less fussy, and more chic version of this iconic bike, the BMW R9T.  The R9T designed as a Roadster and featuring [...]

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2014 BMW Roadster Revolution Concept Bike

"This concept bike is a symbol of how modern and emotional a boxer-powered BMW roadster can be," -Edgar Heinrich, Head of BMW Motorrad Design.Every year I look forward to seeing the new concept bikes that come out.  Sometimes the designs look a bit weird or impractical, but when I first laid my eyes on BMW's Roadster [...]

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