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That's so Cool I Want One! World's First Motorcycle Jet!

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Check it out- World's first hybrid motorcycle-jet:



We've seen a lot of crazy and weird vehicles throughout the years but this one is a definite first.  

However, the question stands...does it actually fly?  Well the answer to that is a definite no, at least for now, but... is it fly?  

We definitely think so!

Commissioned Freedom 1, the jet motorcycle is built from a 1500cc 6 cylinder Honda Gold Wing motorcycle that's been modified by inventor Ron Gallops, to look like an F-106 Delta Dart, complete with a glowing afterburner -that probably looks even cooler at night.

The result? A street legal jet fighter with a top speed of 80 mph.  Ok, I know what you're thinking....it's a bit on the slow side, I know, it can't even go back to the future like the Delorean can, but what it does lack in speed, it certainly makes up for in the "coolness" category.

It's got a steering wheel from a Hyundai, black mirrors from a motorcycle, and lots of cool looking gauges that actually work as well. 

In an interview to the St. Petersburg Times, Gallops said that the biggest challenge isn't driving a winged motorcycle, complete with a cockpit and landing gear. It's watching out for everyone who's watching him.

"You have to be paying attention because the people are looking at it, and they're running all over the lane."

I tend to agree with him on that.  Check out the video below to get a closer look at Freedom 1:

All in all this is one bad@ss motorcycle. Ron Gallops we salute you! Job well done!

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