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Welcome!  On this page, you will find helpful instructional information and videos relating to a variety of motorcycle topics ranging from how to maintain your motorcycle, to installing various parts or accessories on your motorcycle, such as motorcycle handlebar grips, motorcycle turn signals, side mount license plate brackets, handlebars, motorcycle mirrors, motorcycle safety, storing your bike for the winter, etc...

These videos are a great way to learn, and show easy step by step methods to accomplishing or installing what you're looking to get done on your bike.  So enjoy, have fun, and always ride safe!


How to fix motorcycle flashers all going off at once:

(by Classic Octane)

How to install 3 wire turn signals on a motorcycle:

(by: To Mod or Not to Mod)

How To Get LED Turn Signals Working On Your Vintage Motorcycle

(by: Common Motor Collective)

How to fix LED turn signals that are hyper flash blinking (blinking too fast):

(by: BrownBrady)

LED Emergency Flashing Road Flares Product Video:


Installing Motorcycle LED Turn Signals:

(by: Classic Octane)

Installing Motorcycle Grips:

(by: Cruiser Customizing Video)

Installing Motorcycle Grips Another Way:

 (by expertvillage)

Different Types of Motorcycle Handlebar Grips:

(by: HarleyDavidsonofAnna)

Motorcycle Safety Tips:

(by: Howcast)

How to Install Motorcycle Mirrors:

 (by: Keep On Wrenching)

How to change your motorcycle oil and filter:

(by: Motorcyclist Magazine)

Comparing Motorcycle Helmets:

 (by expertvillage)

How to Store your Motorcycle for the Winter:

 (by FortNine)

 How to Pick Up a Fallen Motorcycle:

(by HarleyMDH)

 How to adjust a motorcycle chain:

(by CanyonChasers Motorcycle Adventure, Sport and Touring)

How to set up your motorcycle suspension in 6 easy steps:

(by Dave Moss Tunings)

 How to maintain your motorcycle battery:

(by EricTheCarGuy )

Motorcycle Tire Changing Guide:

(by: Motorcyclist Magazine)

Harley Big Twin Solenoid Installation:

(by: 2003Harleyguy)

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