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Motorcycle Handlebar Grips Installation Guide


Motorcycle Handlebar Grips Installation Guide:

Before starting, first make sure that your handlebar grips will fit onto your handlebars because you will be permanently removing your old grips by cutting them off and gluing the new ones onto your handlebars. We sell many types of grips for many different types and models of motorcycles.

Tools Needed:

razor or sharp knife
liquid soap
sand paper
clean rags
grip glue
new grips

Step 1: Removal of old grips.

Before removing the old grips, first remove any bar end weights or decorative end caps if applicable. Next, begin removing the old grips by starting with the left grip. You will have to cut the left grip off of the bar. Proceed by slicing the grip lengthwise horizontally from top to bottom with a razor or sharp knife. You may need to do this several time depending on the amount of glue that was used to hold these on. *Please be cautious when doing this and when using a razor or sharp knife so as to not cut yourself. Also be cautious not to scratch your handlebar when cutting. Once the left side grip is removed, proceed to remove the right side grip in the same fashion. *Again use caution so as not to damage or cut into the throttle sleeve which the old grip is fastened onto.

Step 2: Cleaning and preparing the handlebars for the new grips.

Now that both grips have been removed, proceed to clean off any remaining glue and residue from the handlebars by either using soap and water or light sand paper. The handlebars must be absolutely clean to allow for maximum adherence of grip glue. Light sanding also helps in that it roughens the throttle sleeve which allows glue to adhere better. Cover any painted areas of the bike with clean rags in order to protect paint finish in case any glue should drip onto it when attaching the new grips.

Step 3: Installing new grips.

Before applying the grip glue, it is recommended to test fit the grips onto the handlebars in order to ensure that they will fit correctly. This is done by sliding them over the handlebars without glue. Once certain, apply the grip glue to the inside of the grip from top to bottom. *(It is recommended to install one grip at a time.) Next slide the grip in a twisting motion, onto the handlebar for the left side grip or onto the throttle sleeve for the right side grip. Make sure you place the grip onto the desired position before you stop sliding it because it may be difficult to adjust grip placement as glue begins to adhere.

Next apply even pressure to the grip to make sure the glue has adhered all around. Remove any excess glue with a clean rag. Once both grips have been installed, allow glue to set, (adhesive time depends on what type of grip glue you used). Check throttle grip (right side grip), to make sure the throttle grip operates smoothly without any obstruction before starting your engine.

That’s It! Enjoy your new grips!

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