Big Changes to the New 2017 Honda Rebel Motorcycle (video included)

The new 2017 Honda Rebel has gone through some big changes compared to years before including a completely new look.The entry level motorcycle has received its first full redesign since it debuted thirty years ago. The classic chrome cruiser now resembles a trendy blacked out bobber with fat tires on cast wheels, and it’s offered in two versions, both a little bigger than the outgoing Rebel 250.The Rebel 300 comes with a liquid cooled, 286cc single-piston engine, while the Rebel 500 is no …
21st Nov 2016


“The goal is not to make a pure race bike or a comfortable touring bike, but a vehicle that can live in between these two worlds” French customizers PRAËM are proud to present their first ever custom, the PRAËM SP3. The PRAËM SP3 is a one-of-a-kind Honda VTR 1000 RC51 SP2. This particular machine won the SBK championship in 2000 and finished second in the points in 2001, both times with legendary motorcycle racer Collin Edwards.The high-powered SP3 features a magnesium and aluminu …
16th Apr 2016

This custom Honda is the shiniest motorcycle you've ever seen

Custom motorcycle shop, Bandit9, has created this super-reflective motorbike out of a 125cc Honda Supersport.Dubbed “Ava,” it features a handcrafted steel uni-body made of polished metal that doubles up as a vehicle-length mirror. Its slimmed down frame, small engine, and stubby exhaust give it a lightweight and streamlined look that will surely resemble a speeding bullet when you’re whizzing down the highway.Limited to an ultra-exclusive run of just nine units, the Ava retails for $10,950. If y …
17th Mar 2016

Check it out! Top 10 of the World's Best Motorcycle Routes

10 of the World's Best Motorcycle Routes:     Riding your motorcycle around town can be fun, but if you haven't taken your bike on a ride on one of these routes yet, then you're definitely missing out.  The following infograph takes us for a tour through 10 countries around the globe that offer some of the best motorcycle routes for you to burn rubber on, including Greece, Switzerland, and the good old US of A.       Personally, I would also …
5th May 2014
An Inside Look at a Unique Womens Motorcycle Club in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC

An Inside Look at a Unique Womens Motorcycle Club in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC

Womens Motorcycle Club -the "Miss-Fires"       The "Miss-Fires" as they are known, is a 31 member-strong, women's motorcycle club located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Formed about 5 months ago, their club is both unique and uncommon. What makes this club so unique however, is not only that it is a womens motorcycle club, which isn't all too common when it comes to motorcycle clubs, but that their club also operates as a school of sorts. They meet a few times a week at a pla …
31st Mar 2014

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